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“In an unpredictable world, there is no business as usual. Organisations continually need to rethink and reinvent their existence in line with the zeitgeist (the dominant ‘spirit of the time’), as well as to revitalise their business principles. In the ‘liquid society’, not a single part of your organisation will stay the same: innovation, human resources, customer relations and management will all transform beyond recognition. If you and your organisation seek to understand the nature and pace of change in order to create new opportunities, Studio Zeitgeist is able to help you. We offer inspiration, connection, revitalisation and reflection through concrete and proven working methods“


Studio Zeitgeist has a clear thematic focus, summarised by the liquid society, a term made popular by philosopher Zygmunt Bauman. In short: the hierarchical, fixed relations of old are being replaced by more flexible and dynamic links between individuals and organisations. Studio Zeitgeist investigates several radical trends in the light of the liquid society: decentralisation, transparency, the liquid society, blurring lines and the end of the middle.

Insights and dynamic working methods go hand in hand with a deep knowledge of social change, economic opportunities, technological development and shifting power relations. Studio Zeitgeist uses its own Transformation Playground, a method which consists of two elements, the ‘yin and yang’ of change: interactive and playful dynamism on the one hand, and a structured analysis on the other.

The dynamic nature of our approach rests on the belief that success can only achieved through the people concerned. We therefore tailor our methods to the people concerned and actively involve them. Our meet-ups are highly interactive and empowering, our keynote speeches are always catered especially to their audience. One size does not fit all: a Studio Zeitgeist project is very much made to measure.

Our analysis is based upon our Zeitgeist Matrix. This matrix maps specific transformations along the horizontal axis, e.g. ‘from exclusive to exchange’ and ‘from product to purpose’. Along the vertical axis the timeline appears, from the current situation to the nearer and farther future. Each square in the matrix therefore represents a specific transition at a given point in time. Using this matrix, we can systematically compare transitions throughout the business of our clients. This analytic approach enriches our projects with information, knowledge and wisdom.

Studio Zeitgeist is a highly adaptable firm. We work flexibly with a small core of team members and a larger base of experts, facilitators, designers and writers. We believe every person and organisation can thrive in the liquid society. We believe inspiration, connection, revitalisation and reflection are vital keys to thriving.